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November 5th, 2008

Advanced Dialogs 1.0.7  (posted by saubue)

Advanced Dialogs 1.0.7 has been released, fixing a bug reported by Boscop (thank you very much) that occured when using a button in a message box. Additionally, the version scheme has changed to MAJOR.MINOR.RELEASE.
As usual, the latest version can be downloaded at Downloads->Advanced Dialogs.

June 10th, 2008

Crash Invaders is ready for testing  (posted by boscop)

Crash Invaders is an upcoming space shooter by Boscop. It is now ready for being tested. Information about the testing phase can be found here at the message board.
I also posted some additional information about the game.

May 21th, 2008

AMS Extender 0.7.0 beta  (posted by pinhead)

I uploaded a heavily improved version of my project AMS Extender. The program features now multi-language support (german and english so far) and many internal changes have been made.
As usual, you can find everything on our Board

May 21th, 2008

TiFileProp  (posted by pinhead)

I just uploaded a new program called TiFileProp. It is a small command line tool to set TI68k variable file properties. Useful for developers to set these properties fast and efficient.
As always, you can download the latest files at Downloads->Others->TiFileProp

UPDATE: Fixed version 1.0.1 uploaded!

April 18th, 2008

Backup System Settings 1.1.0  (posted by pinhead)

Backup System Settings 1.1.0 has been released, fixing small bugs and providing size optimizations. The whole program is also more stable. For example, the backup file contains new a small checksum to make sure the file has not been corrupted.
As always, you can download the latest files at Downloads->Backup System Settings

April 13th, 2008

Links updated  (posted by saubue)

I updated the links page, because some of the sites have moved to other addresses (they were still reachable via their old URLs, though). Sadly, Omnimaga has been closed recently, so I deactivated the corresponding link and added a note.

April 2nd, 2008

New guestbook  (posted by saubue)

I added a new guestbook today which provides a small captcha. This was neccessary because the old guestbook had been filled with spam. All messages from the old guestbook have been saved and are accessible in the new one, too.
The guestbook software used is Ardguest, which was modified to fit into the boolsoft page.
Please feel free to leave a comment.

March 26th, 2008

Gold Miner 1.0 released  (posted by boscop)

I have uploaded a new game, Gold Miner. You have to grab items out of the earth with your claw until the time is up. If you meet the goal you will be able to buy power ups in the shop that help you in the next level. There are many items with different behaviour like pigs or tinderboxes. Of course your score will be saved in a highscore table.

February 2nd, 2008

Advanced Dialogs 1.06  (posted by saubue)

Advanced Dialogs 1.06 has been released, fixing another bug (actually, a typo) reported by lachprog (thank you very much). Additionally, the color for selected items in DropDown-menus has been reverted to the color in version 1.03 (black).
As usual, the latest version can be downloaded at Downloads->Advanced Dialogs.

January 8th, 2008

libl 0.2  (posted by saubue)

I have posted a new version of libl at our message board, now with more error management in lopen() and lclose().

You can download it here.

December 5th, 2007

AMS Extender 0.5.0 beta, BSS 1.0.0 and EasyChar 1.0.0  (posted by pinhead)

I'm sure you noticed the lack of activity on our site, but I was quite busy the last few months with school stuff. But recently I got some more free time, and now I am glad to present you a new version of AMS Extender as well as to two complete new projects, at least new on this site. All three projects have been under devolopment for quite some time, and I release some beta versions on MobiFiles.
AMS Extender has been heavily optimized and I added several new features. Also I switched to GNU GPL Version 3 and introduced a new versioning scheme, using it for all my current and future projects. This project, screenshots and the discussion can be found at our message board.
With Backup System Settings I wrote a small program to save and restore system settings. This tool can be very handy, especially for developers. BSS passed a public test phase (also on MobiFiles), and so I am able to present you the final version 1.0.0. It can be found, as well as the next program, in our download section.
Last but not least, EasyChar: The standard char menu on Texas Instruments calculators is in my opinion not that great, so I decided to create an own with a nice graphical interface and customization capatibilities. This program is also released in its final version, since it has been tested during the last months.

November 5th, 2007

libl 0.1 out for testing  (posted by saubue)

A little project of mine, libl, is now ready for some beta testing. libl is a small and useful library for low-level file I/O, with a syntax similar to the standard f*-functions like fwrite(). Actually, the library consists of two source files which are released under the public domain, so you are totally free in how you use them.
libl 0.1 can be downloaded at our message board. Feedback is appreceated - I am looking forward to comments, suggestions and bug reports.

October 4th, 2007

Advanced Dialogs 1.05  (posted by saubue)

Advanced Dialogs 1.05 has been released, including patches from Lionel Debroux and a few minor improvements and fixes:
- Dialogs can now hold up to 6 bitmaps per tab
- Fixed MessageBox button text color
- ExtGraph is not distributed with Advanced Dialogs any more
- Examples are documented now
Again, thank you for your patches, Lionel.
As usual, the latest version can be downloaded at Downloads->Advanced Dialogs.

September 1st, 2007

New member & message board news  (posted by saubue)

I am happy to announce that Oliver Hoog (aka Boscop) has joined the boolsoft team. Hopefully, he will bring back some life to boolsoft with interesting projects.
There are also news from the message board: I installed an anti-bot phpbb2 mod to prevent bots from registering and posting. The message board reopened and guests can now post, too (after answering a question from the mod). I also deleted all bot members.

August 29th, 2007

Licensing changes and Advanced Dialogs 1.04  (posted by saubue)

As you may know, programs released under boolsoft have always been licensed using the GNU Genereal Public License. However, we decided to allow our programmers to release their programmers under other free licenses (namely GNU LGPL, BSD or public domain) as well.
Therefore, Advanced Dialogs 1.04 is now being released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (yes, this seems to justify the version number jumping from 1.03 to 1.04).
As usual, you can find the zip-archive at Downloads->Advanced Dialogs.

July 30th, 2007

Advanced Dialogs 1.03  (posted by saubue)

A new release of Advanced Dialogs is available, fixing another (stupid) bug reported by lachprog: when using multiple tabs and having interactive elements in the last tab, the first tab was ignored by AdvDlgDo() when switching tabs.
The corrected version 1.03 can be found at Downloads->Advanced Dialogs.

July 11th, 2007

Advanced Dialogs 1.02  (posted by saubue)

Maybe you noticed the lack of activity on this site... well, we are all kind of busy at our universities or schools and sadly do not have much time to program calculators at the moment.
However, I have updated Advanced Dialogs to version 1.02 which fixes a font bug reported by lachprog and some of the examples. The documentation is now generated using doxygen and is also available online at http://www.boolsoft.org/saubue/advdialogs/doc/.

November 9th, 2006

Guestbook closed  (posted by saubue)

Due to massive spam attacks, the guestbook has been closed so you can't post your opinions there any longer.
If you want to give us feedback, please head over to the boolsoft message board instead. In the meantime, we will look for another way to make the guestbook available again.

October 12th, 2006

AMS Extender 0.10 beta  (posted by pinhead)

I uploaded the first beta of my TSR event hook AMS Extender, with some pretty diffrent features. You can start kbdprgms from everywhere, set a autostart-program, make scrolling faster, protect the calculator with a password, add automatically brackets after the name of an executable, display a small clock and a battery icndicator in the status line, and much more!
For more information, binaries and source code, please see the corresponding section at our message board.

October 9th, 2006

Reorganisation of the boolsoft message board  (posted by pinhead)

We decided to restructure the boolsoft message board to become clearlier arranged. We simply centralised all bug-report forums to one big forum in the section Miscellaneous.

September 12th, 2006

TiExplorer 0.20 beta  (posted by pinhead)

Today I have uploaded the second beta of my upcoming file explorer TiExplorer at the boolsoft message board. There are many new features, and a completely new monochrome GUI.
For more information, binaries and source code, please see the corresponding section at our message board.
Update: There was a very small bug in version 0.20 beta, so I fixed it and uploaded version 0.21 beta, also available at our message board.

September 10th, 2006

New project: Drawing 68  (posted by cefost)

I have just added my first project to the boolsoft homepage, Drawing 68. It is a drawing application, which will allows you to create and edit sprite in all colour supported on-calc.
For more information, binaries and source code, please see the corresponding section at the message board.

August 22th, 2006

New member and site update  (posted by saubue)

We are happy to announce that Clarence Ethan Fost (aka cefost) has joined the boolsoft team! We hope he will have a good time with us and will relase some cool stuff :)
You can find out more about him at his member page.

Additionally, I updated the homepage a little and extended the wordfilter of the guestbook to keep spam bots from posting (just in case you got an error while posting there).
The boolsoft homepage also offers a statistics page now which can be found at http://stats.boolsoft.org (although the design is not finished yet).

July 8th, 2006

Advanced Dialogs Pro 0.1  (posted by saubue)

Today I've uploaded the first beta of my upcoming GUI library Advanced Dialogs Pro at the boolsoft message board.
It is already usable, but there may be some bugs, of course, so I would be happy if you would test it and report the ones you've found at the message board.
For more information, binaries and source code, please see the corresponding section at our message board.

June 23th, 2006

ASMToCHex available for *nix  (posted by saubue)

I have just uploaded a source tarball of ASMToCHex for Unix/Linux-systems. The same is likely to happen with ASMToCHex Qt, although I can't think of any additional usage it might have for Linux users now.
However, the command-line tool can be downloaded here.

June 12th, 2006

TiExplorer 0.1beta and site update  (posted by saubue)

Today, pinhead has released the first beta of his upcoming project TiExplorer, 0.1beta, for the TI92+ and the Voyage200. Considering the fact that this is the first beta, it already has a long list of features, including standard TIOS options, a grayscale browser, calculator information and other stuff.
For a full list of features, screenshots, binaries and source code, please visit the corresponding section of our message board. As usual, we are looking forward to your comments.

Additionally, I rewrote the whole boolsoft homepage in PHP to make it easier to administrate. There are also some other changes:
- The news archive is not sorted by months any more. Maybe I will include this later
- We aren't offering a RSS newsfeed any more, instead, there is a ATOM newsfeed now. When you are browsing our homeage, you should (at least in FireFox) notice a newsfeed icon in you adress bar.
- The guestbook has a different design now. Some of the entries got lost somehow when we moved to the new server - they are restored now

June 4th, 2006

New member and new domain  (posted by saubue)

We are happy to announce that Stefan Heule from Switzerland aka pinhead is a member of boolsoft now. He has some promising projects and I am sure he will be a good addition to the boolsoft team. You can get some information about him at the member section.
Due to server problems in the last month, we have moved to another server and we're now owning a new domain: http://www.boolsoft.org, so please update you bookmarks! I'm also going to rewrite the whole page in PHP to make it easier to administrate. When I'm finished, pinheads projects will also be listed here.
The boolsoft message board has also moved, you can access it via http://board.boolsoft.org now.

May 4th, 2006

ASMToCHex Qt final  (posted by saubue)

The final version of my C++/Qt program ASMToCHex Qt is now finished; I added a few MessageBoxes for information and file-I/O error. Sasume reported my a bug at the message board which is now fixed. I think it will be released on ticalc.org within a few days, too.

April 20th, 2006

Lemmings 68k 0.1  (posted by saubue)

After a lot of work, the first beta of Lemmings 68k is finished and should run on all 68k calcs. It now features 3 levels, 4 types of lemmings and scrolling in levels. For binaries, source code and a full list of change, check out the corresponding section at our message board.

April 18th, 2006

Shadow Falls updated  (posted by saubue)

I have just uploaded a new alpha of Shadow Falls. The binaries are available at our message board. I added the Northcave (a dungeon), a new fighting background and 2 monsters. A new screenshot is also available. Please see the corresponding section at our message board for further details, a screenshot and a download link. As usual, feel free to post your comments, suggestions and bugs.

February 22th, 2006

Advanced Dialogs 1.01 released  (posted by saubue)

I'm really sorry, but I noticed a terribly silly bug about 20 minutes ago - The attribute TXT_ALIGNLEFT has produced right-aligned output! I changed the name of the attribute to TXT_ALIGNRIGHT now...

February 20th, 2006

Advanced Dialogs 1.0 released  (posted by saubue)

After some testing by myself and one single bug report (which was just a question), Advanced Dialogs 1.0 is now officially being released. Therefore, the project page has moved from Projects->Other to Downloads->Other. You will find it on ticalc.org soon, too. I already mentioned my new plans on Advanced Dialogs Pro, so please look forward to further news of it.

Page updates: RSS feed is now working and I changed the default skin of our message board.

February 4th, 2006

Advanced Dialogs 1.0 out for testing  (posted by saubue)

My TIGCC GUI library Advanced Dialogs is now close to its final release. This version adds support for bitmaps in dialogs, another example and some minor fixes. The full list of new features as well as the file itself can be found at the corresponding section of our message board.
Please post your thoughts, because I will release it at ticalc.org soon.

I should also note that this is definitly the last version of Advanced Dialogs as you know it. I have recently started with Advanced Dialogs Pro (there's no alpha version out yet), which will be far better than the standard lib. Please see the Advanced Dialogs-section at our message board to get an impression of this project.

On a side note, it seems that our rss newsfeed does not work properly at the moment. I will try to fix this as soon as possible.

February 1st, 2006

ASMToCHex Qt and Lemmings 68k alpha2  (posted by saubue)

In the last few days, I played around with Qt, a C++ toolkit for application development; the first result is a Qt version of ASMToCHex which is called ASMToCHex Qt. Thanks to Qt, the GUI looks fine and the code (GPLed as always) is cross-platform compatible, so be sure to expect a Linux build of it soon.
You can download and discuss it at the corresponding section of our message board.

Additionally, Lemmings 68k alpha2 is now available at our message board. I am close to call it 0.1, but too many features are missing right now (e.g. scrolling levels). New stuff in this alpha: The second level (and therefore floating lemmings), TI92+/V200 compability and some minor changes. This version also includes the full source code that was missing in alpha1.
The full list of features, a screenshot and the dowload link can be found at the corresponding section of our message board.

January 11th, 2006

First alpha of Lemmings 68k!  (posted by saubue)

I have just uploaded the first alpha version of my new project: Lemmings 68k. It's a very early alpha, there's only one level and two types of lemmings. It is only playable on a TI89/TI89Titanium right now.
You can download and discuss it at the corresponding section of our message board.

January 10th, 2006

A lot of new stuff for 2006!  (posted by saubue)

As you may have noticed, our homepage does not only look different now; it also has a lot of new features:
- The message board where you can discuss our projects and make bug reports
- The awards section where the awards for programs released by members of boolsoft are listed
- The news archive where you are able to browse our past news
- Our news are also accessible via an RSS newsfeed now - use your feed-reader to be up-to-date!

Additionally, I have uploaded 1.0beta of Periodic Table Deluxe. Please
go to the corresponding section at our message board or to its
file page to download it, test it and
to post your thoughts.

December 21th, 2005

Advanced Dialogs 1.0beta  (posted by saubue)

I have just uploaded Advanced Dialogs 1.0beta, which adds many new features like Tabs, DropDown-menus, scrolling InputBoxes and a more beautiful design. The construction of the dialogs has also changed.
You can download and test it at projects->windows.

November 20th, 2005

Link section added  (posted by saubue)

After a long time without any noticable updates (I have started a new project which will take some time now), I managed to add a link section to the site. It is not finished yet, we're currently searching for other cool sites to be added.
A short part of my ToDo-List ;)
-- Advanced Dialogs needs an update; I have already got some ideas and suggestions from some people (BTW, thanks for that).
-- New features are planned for PowerComPress.
-- As I already said, I started a new project.

November 2nd, 2005

Scorch 1.3 released  (posted by mhubi)

Finally there's a new version of Scorch. After a long development-period a complete version is released. There are many new features like more weapons, weather, various options and so on. TRY IT OUT!
You can get it at downloads->games.

November 1st, 2005

PowerComPress 0.9 officially released  (posted by saubue)

After a lot of work and testing, PowerComPress 0.9 is now officially released! The new version mainly adds decompression of single files that are stored in a GroupFile. It should also appear on ticalc.org soon.
You can download it now at downloads->programs.

October 20th, 2005

TPR-Counter released  (posted by saubue)

TPR-Counter is now available at our downloads section. It is a small command line tool for Windows that counts the total number of files, lines and characters of a TIGCC Project.
You can download it at downloads->windows.

October 18th, 2005

New page and new server  (posted by saubue)

boolsoft has just completed its removal to a new server which is provided by Hannes Wellisch aka NeXT (thanks!). Additionally, the design of the page has changed and we now also offer new features: a guestbook and a secret area for members and beta-testers. You can also access our homepage via http://boolsoft.mobifiles.com now.

October 12th, 2005

boolsoft is hiring beta-testers  (posted by saubue)

Ever wanted to play games and use programs that aren't available to the public? If yes, you could be our future beta-tester!
If you are interested, just send an e-mail to one of our members. You can get the e-mail addresses of them at the members-section.

October 11th, 2005

PowerComPress 0.84  (posted by saubue)

PowerComPress 0.84 is now available at our projects section with some bugfixes, a few optimizations and a new animated screenshot. If no more heavy bugs are found, this will be the first official release.
You can download and test it at projects->programs.

October 10th, 2005

Bookworm 1.0  (posted by mhubi)

Bookworm 1.0, the final version, is now available at our downloads section with bugfixes, better gameplay and an intro.
You can download it and enjoy playing at downloads->games.

October 6th, 2005

PowerComPress 0.83  (posted by saubue)

PowerComPress 0.83 is now available at our projects section with some bugfixes when adding a file to a GroupFile that is splitted more than one time. Deleting of whole folders at once is also possible now.
You can download and test it at projects->programs.

October 5th, 2005

PowerComPress 0.82  (posted by saubue)

PowerComPress 0.82 is now available at our projects section with some bugfixes that kept 0.81 from working properly (especially the decompressing-routine had a silly but important bug).
You can download and test it at projects->programs.

October 3rd, 2005

PowerComPress 0.81  (posted by saubue)

PowerComPress 0.81 is now available at our projects section with some small changes and the support of themes. You can choose between two themes, white and black (take a look at the screenshots to get an impression).
You can download and test it at projects->programs.
Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that my e-mail adress (saubue[at]mobifiles[dot]de) is not valid at the moment becaus MobiFiles has moved to another server. This was also the reason why boolsoft.mobifiles.de was down a few days.

October 1st, 2005

PowerComPress 0.8  (posted by saubue)

PowerComPress 0.8 is now available at our projects section and will be officially released soon. A lot of things have been changed and added, so you should have a look at the new screenshots and at the program itself. Anyway, I think you should read the readme.txt in the .zip-package fist.
You can download and test it at projects->programs.

September 19th, 2005

PowerComPress 0.7  (posted by saubue)

PowerComPress 0.7 is now available at our projects section and is now close to be a full version. The GroupFile support has been optimized and is now fully usable. There are also a lot of bugfixes.
You can download and test it at projects->programs.

September 10th, 2005

Shadow Falls updated  (posted by saubue)

After working a lot on PowerComPress, I decided to "release" the changes that were made to Shadow Falls in the meantime. There is also a new screenshot available.
New: enhanced battle engine, options in the menu, partially added 2nd city (you can already stay at the inn) etc.
You can download and test it at projects->games.

September 3rd, 2005

PowerComPress 0.5beta  (posted by saubue)

PowerComPress 0.5beta is now available at our projects section. The main new feature is the support for group files. Please send me your comments!
You can download and test it at projects->programs.

September 1st, 2005

Advanced Dialogs 0.9  (posted by saubue)

After working a lot at my TIGCC library Advanced Dialogs in the past few days, there is finally a new version (0.9) that nearly could be the first full version. The library has a totally new concept of initializing and executing dialogs which allows multiple interactive elements in a Dialog, and also a CheckBox feature was added.
Thanks again, MathStuf! Your suggestions and optimizations helped a lot!
It is still not version 1.0, so you can download and test it at projects->windows.

August 22th, 2005

Advanced Dialogs updated  (posted by saubue)

A new version of Advanced Dialogs (0.46) with bugfixes and optimizations reported by MathStuf has been uploaded.
You can download and test it at projects->windows.

August 19th, 2005

Shadow Falls updated  (posted by saubue)

I just uploaded a new version of Shadow Falls. The new feature is a basic battle engine. The next thing to add will be the item system.
You can download and test it at projects->games.

August 13th, 2005

PowerComPress 0.35beta  (posted by saubue)

I have added the planned GUI and the browser to PowerComPress. It uses my library Andvanced Dialogs now. I don't know if it is really bug-free, so it is still handled as a project (there are also some other features I will add).
You can download and test it at projects->programs.

August 11th, 2005

Advanced Dialogs 0.45  (posted by saubue)

I have updated my TIGCC library Advanced Dialogs. It now has a Message-feature (a MessageBox with a single text line and smaller like a normal Dialog). I also improved the TI92+/V200 compability: The graphics are now centered on a 240x128 screen, too.
You can download it at projects->windows.

On a side note: I have also uploaded my old game TIHex (my first TIGCC game, it was featured at ticalc.org) to the boolsoft downloads directory. I have still plans to this game, but I don't know if they will ever be realized.

August 6th, 2005

Advanced Dialogs 0.3  (posted by saubue)

I have updated my TIGCC library Advanced Dialogs. It has got a new feature, the ProgressBar.
You can download it at projects->windows.

August 5th, 2005

3 new files  (posted by saubue)

Today, you can download new files: First, I have uploaded Bookworm, mhubi's new game that can also be found at ticalc.org. It is no full version, but it is playable and therefore can be accessed via downloads.

The second file is my recent RPG project Shadow Falls. It is a very early alpha version, so you can find it in the projects category.

Last but not least another project: PowerComPress, a file compression program. I am currently working on a GUI for it.

July 30th, 2005

Some changes...  (posted by saubue)

The downloads are devided in three groups now - games, programs and windows. In windows, you can find all the windows utilies that you can use on your PC.

I have uploaded PicView, a grayscale picture viewer for all 68ks, and ASMToCHex, a windows tool for converting 68k ASM data to C Hex arrays.