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On this page, you can find links to other recommended Texas Instruments-related sites. You can click the title of the site to open it in a new window.

MobiFiles The best German website for TI calculators, featuring a rich archive and a well-visited message board.
ticalc.org ticalc.org is the biggest TI-related site. Due to the fact that everyone can contribute files, the archive is very huge.
TIGCC The official homepage of the C IDE for TI calculators.
TI-Chess Team The TI-Chess Team Headquarters contains good software, the great ExtGraph library and the official TIGCC message board
Omnimaga THE place for calculator RPG-fans. Many visitors and a good message board.
NOTE: Omnimaga has been shut down on March 4th, 2008.
TI-BANK French TI-site which is very up-to-date and has a good archive, a message board, tutorials, articles, ...
TI-Freakware This site is mostly dedicated to z80-calculators and has an extremely large link list
TI-Fr Ti-Fr is another promising French TI-site.
LPG The site of the Linux Programmer Group contains known software like TiEmu or TILP.
Nerdy Productions A 68k programming group with some interesting projects