© 2008 by Jonas Gehring

This is the homepage of boolsoft, an independent and international team of programmers with the aim to develop creative software for Texas Instruments calculators that have a Motorola 68000 processor.

We create software using the TIGCC IDE, so all the programs are written in GNU C which is partially mixed with GNU or A68k assembly. We are supporting Free Software, so every (non-alpha and non-beta) program released under boolsoft can be used under the terms of an open-source license (i.e. the GNU General or Lesser General Public License, a BSD-style license or simply public domain) and comes with complete source code.

From here on, you will be able to download our latest projects, to use our programs or just to enjoy playing our games. If you have got any questions, comments or bug reports towards our software or if you are interested in the development of our projects, please check out our message board.
Simply use the navigation bar on the left to browse our homepage.

Latest news: Advanced Dialogs 1.0.7 (05.11.2008)