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  TI89, TI89 Titanium, TI92+, Voyage 200  
  Advanced Dialogs Pro is a GUI toolkit for creating high-performance grayscale user interfaces with TIGCC. The goals are to make as usable as possible and to make it easy to extend with own GUI elements and routines.
At the moment, there's only a static version of the library, but a dynamic one is planned.
  Dialogs and Elements in all 4 colors
Support for system and user-defined fonts
Label, Button, CheckBox, LineEdit and ListBox already included
Support for dialog icons
Two button styles
Centered and shadowed Dialogs
Text attributes "underlined" and "strikedthrough"
Edit attributes INPUT_ASCII and INPUT_ASK (e.g. for passwords)
Library ADPExtras with two additional fonts
  Support for Tabs
EditBoxes (mutli-line-editor)
Support for Menus in dialogs
More features for ADPExtras (file selection dialogs, ...)
Maybe a lot of bugfixes...