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  TI89, TI89 Titanium, TI92+, Voyage 200  
  This is a TSR Event Hook, with some pretty diffrent features. You can start kbdprgm's from everywhere, set a autostart-program, make scrolling faster, add automatically brackets after the name of an executable, and much more!  
  Standard features:
- It allows you to set the keydelay and scrolldelay to make scrolling everywhere
- You can now run kbdprgm's from everywhere on the calc, not just from within
the homescreen. For example, if you are in the Y-editor, and you press
[diamond]+[1], kbdprgm1 will start!
Now, you can also use kbdprgm7 - kbdprgm9
- This hook will automatically add the brackets after the name of an executable
program. Example: Type "tiex" into the command line, and press [ENTER]. The
TiExplorer will be executed :) This even works, if you use a foldername
together with the filename!
- You can set the cursor blink rate (not very useful, but funny though)
- It is possible to set a autostart application, which will be started every
startup, even after the APD-feature turned the calc off. You can set the
program to start in the options dialog. It will be searched in every folder,
so don't care about this.
- You also can change the APD (auto power down) timer.
- I was too lazy to press [2nd]+[ON] to turn off the calc, so it is now possible
to do this job just with [ON]. How relaxing :)
- Start the three editors (program, text and data/matrix) with a key combo. There
are hot key's for nearly all built-in Apps, but not for the (in my opinion) most
used: the program and text editor. I think this is very stupid by TI...
- Start a user defined program by pressing [2nd]+[MEM]. This is useful in
combination with my utility CalcInfo to replace the old memory dialog with a
better one.

Some features are only available on the Voyage 200:
- You can run kbdfuncX with [diamond]+[F1-F8]
- It displays a digital clock in the right corner of the status line, with two
diffrent formats (12h/24h or off).
- [diamond] + [CLEAR] clears the whole home screen history (like ClrHome)
- Adds a well-known feature (from every computer): "Select all". If you are in
the home screen command line and press [diamond]+[A], the whole text will be
- It shows a small 7 level battery icon (also in the right corner of the status
line, next to the clock).
- You can choose between two diffrent keyboard layouts, the german and the english
- It is possible to change the angle-mode (between RAD/DEG) with a shortcut:
  - none